Celebrate a beautiful birthday

This Valentine’s Day marks this birthday of a Milwaukee-born painter who left an enormous mark on the art world. The master Carl von Marr (1858-1936) lives on in West Bend, where you can celebrate his life and work at the beautiful Museum of Wisconsin Art.

In fact, the museum holds the world’s most significant collection of Marr’s work. The collection features Marr’s impressive painting, The Flagellants. This painting is a massive 14 by 23 feet and is on permanent loan from the City of Milwaukee. It’s one of the largest oil paintings on canvas framed in the U.S.

While Marr was born in Wisconsin, he spent much of his career in Germany. Marr moved to Germany for his studies in 1875. Marr would ultimately spend a large part of his life there and was a professor and director at the Royal Munich Academy.

Learn more about Marr here.


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