Shalom Wildlife Zoo

Wisconsin’s wildest zoo is located a short drive from downtown West Bend. Shalom Wildlife Zoo covers 100 acres and has been featured on programs like Good Morning America and Outdoor Wisconsin. The zoo is filled with interesting wildlife and you can explore it via gravel roads. It takes about two hours to complete the whole circuit, and golf cart rentals are available for those who would prefer not to walk. When you arrive, stop by the gift shop to purchase beverages and animal feed. You’re allowed to feed some of the animals, and it’s a great way to see some of these creatures up close. There are also picnic areas at the zoo, so feel free to pack a lunch. You’ll also see wolves, bear, deer, horses, bison, badgers, foxes and more. Be on the lookout for new arrivals, including young deer fawns, baby elk and bison calves.

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