Spring Geocaching: The Perfect Time to Get Outside

Winter is making a swift exit, which means it’s time for spring geocaching; arguably the ideal time for this high-tech treasure hunt. So what makes this season so great for caching?

  • No bugs. (Yet.) No need to fear the mosquito this early in the year. Ticks too, are far less prevalent in the early spring (check yourself after you’re out just to be sure though!). Enjoy a Deet-less day of discovery.
  • The temperature is just right. Not too cold, not too warm. Hike the hills, climb the trees, dig in the brush, without the excess sweat.
  • Less foliage and undergrowth means the caches are easier to see. Especially those tricky ones in the trees.
  • Because it’s not too warm yet, you can easily wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to avoid scratches when you’re in the woods, without overheating.
  • Turning the clocks forward means you’ve got more daylight for treasure hunting.
  • Fresh air destroys cabin fever. And if you’re early enough in the season to beat all the allergens, that’s an added bonus.
  • Baby birds being born, sleepy critters waking up and migrating birds you won’t see any other time of the year are plentiful in early spring.

Find out more about geocaching all year long in West Bend here.


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