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Celebrate the Arts in West Bend

Published: May 28, 2024 | Article Views: 194

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque landscapes of Wisconsin, West Bend boasts a vibrant art scene. From galleries showcasing local talent to outdoor sculptures that seamlessly blend into the cities charm, West Bend is a canvas of artistic expression. Whether you’re strolling through Downtown West Bend or indulging into creating your own art, West Bend invites you to immerse yourself in creativity and culture at every turn.

Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA)

The Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) serves as a significant cultural institution for art enthusiasts across the state. Located in a contemporary 32,000-square-foot building in downtown West Bend, near the Milwaukee River, MOWA is renowned for its extensive collection of artworks spanning the late 19th to early 20th centuries, as well as contemporary pieces.

With a roster of over 350 artists, MOWA showcases a diverse range of artistic styles and genres, including landscape paintings, wildlife art, and works by self-taught artisans. Noteworthy among its holdings is the comprehensive collection of pieces by Carl Von Marr, a prominent Milwaukee-born painter trained in Munich.

In addition to its exhibitions, MOWA offers inclusive programming such as Studio Saturdays, providing opportunities for visitors of all ages to engage with art firsthand. As a premier destination for experiencing the rich artistic heritage of Wisconsin, MOWA continues to foster appreciation and understanding of the visual arts within its community and beyond.

Art Walk

This exciting community project brings together artists from West Bend, nearby areas, and schools to create a beautiful outdoor gallery that fills West Bend with colorful, joyful, and captivating artwork. The Art Walk features a couple dozen hand painted banners which will decorate the light posts along downtown Main Street and 6th Avenue. The uplifting artwork will grace the streets from May to October before finding a new home within the halls of West Bend City Hall. Each banner will be featured in a brochure, showcasing the artist’s name, artwork description, and acknowledging all sponsors.

Sculpture Walk

Explore West Bend’s Riverwalk and city streets to discover over 40 outdoor sculptures.

These artworks are crafted by a mix of local, regional, national, and international sculptors, using various materials like metals, stone, and recycled objects. Some notable sculptures can be the “Keyhole” and “Bird of Hope and Joy” which are located along the Milwaukee River.


For more about the West Bend Sculpture Walk, click here.

Labyrinth Garden

Regner Park hosts the enchanting Labyrinth Garden, a vast circular garden decorated with vibrant plants across seven pathways spanning 90 feet in diameter. Recognized by the American Hemerocallis Society, it’s a serene haven inviting visitors to wander and find reflection and inspiration. Maintained by volunteers, the garden serves as a peaceful retreat, welcoming all to indulge in its quiet beauty. Additionally, the labyrinth offers a space for both meditation and social connection, promoting mental and physical well-being through gardening.

Founded by retired schoolteacher Barb Robertson, the West Bend Labyrinth Garden Earth Sculpture embodies a vision of community health and unity. Evolving from its modest beginnings into a designated Daylily Display Garden, this sanctuary in Regner Park is a testament to perseverance and shared purpose. Open year-round, the labyrinth’s tranquil atmosphere welcomes individuals, families, and groups to find solace amidst its beauty. With free admission and volunteering opportunities, this sacred space thrives, providing solace and rejuvenation to all who visit.

Make Your Own Art

West Bend offers many opportunities for people to let their creativity shine! Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner exploring your passions, you’ll find a variety of opportunities here.

Xpressions Unique Boutique

Located in Downtown West Bend, Xpressions Unique Boutique offers a diverse array of creative resources and experiences. Beyond its offerings of yarn, beads, and stones, it serves as a hub for classes and events designed to foster artistic skills. Whether exploring into the workings of fused glass or the vibrant world of acrylic pour painting, there exists a wealth of workshops and courses catering to various interests and skill levels.

Additionally, with a focus on nurturing the next generation of creatives, Xpressions provides engaging camps tailored for children aged 6-13. These programs offer young participants the opportunity to unleash their imagination through countless arts and crafts activities, ensuring a fulfilling and inspiring experience.

Classy Artist Box

Explore the world of art with ease through Classy Artist Box—a unique platform designed to enhance your artistic skills. Their monthly art class in a box delivers creativity directly to your doorstep, offering a convenient and engaging experience for all ages.

Each box contains four projects, complete with written instructions, necessary supplies, and video lessons. These projects are crafted with concepts used by professional artists, making it an ideal resource for both beginners and seasoned artists.

Ideal for homeschooling, the art class in a box doubles as a comprehensive curriculum, fostering artistic development in children aged 3 to 18. Tailored boxes cater to different age groups, including preschool (ages 3-5), elementary (K-5), and adolescents (12-18), ensuring an educational and enjoyable experience for every stage of learning. Elevate your stay-at-home experience with our date night packs, offering a variety of engaging activities for a memorable evening with your partner.

Additionally, their studio hosts an array of events, including paint and sip sessions, open paint sessions, mommy and me art time, camps, and customizable bookings for parties or special events.

Riverwalk Candle Co.

Known as Washington county’s only “create your own” candle bar, Riverwalk Candle Co. is located on the Riverwalk overlooking the Milwaukee River in Downtown West Bend. Offering an assortment of crafted products including candle tins, glass jar candles, car freshies, gift baskets, and reed diffusers, the establishment invites customers not only to procure pre-made items but also to embark on the journey of crafting their own candles and fragrances.

Guided by a diverse selection of fragrance oils and waxes, customers have the opportunity to personalize candles to their liking. Riverwalk Candle Co. serves as an ideal venue for group excursions, bridal gatherings, and various other occasions. As the curing of their creations typically spans 2-4 hours, customers can explore the array of shops and restaurants in Downtown West Bend.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring the art that West Bend has to offer. Plan your trip to explore and create today!



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